01/12/15 – 20/r20

It’s funny how inspiration can come from nowhere from time to time. Well, I say nowhere – it was from Strider, who sent a comment on this page. He mentioned the Q-power people, and suggested I had a look to see if they’d be able to give me any tips for my pursuit.

I’ve not got in touch yet, but a read through their site led me to the 30/r20 training that they do. Simply, 30 minutes at 20spm. The point being that each of the 600 strokes you should end up taking will be with full force – and that the 3 second per stroke timing gives your cardio side enough time to be able to manage it, but the different muscle fibres (slow twitch and fast twitch) react in new ways in order to deal with the different task that they’re used to.

Frustratingly, I could only manage 20/r20 due to doing this on my lunchbreak. But still a really rewarding and revealing session. Just over 5300m in 20 minutes (averaged 1:53.x) – which may be slower that I would normally do – but in a completely different fashion – so hopefully it was a good alternative bump that my body needed.

It’ll be a good benchmark test to come back to – maybe once a month – to see how I get on.

After that, I did some ab-work, and then this evening, back into the garage for squats, deadlifts, bench press, chinups, curls, tricep dips and kettlebell swings.



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2 Thoughts to “01/12/15 – 20/r20”

  1. strider

    Glad that its been of use John, I will follow your progress and sessions and try to get down to LWT myself, I do not like being HWT 😉

    Do you do weights every day ?



  2. johntherower

    I’ve had to back off the weights a bit recently. The reduction started as prep for the SIRC – as I was worried that I had a lot of muscle I didn’t need, which was making me heavier, but also using up oxygenated blood that was needed elsewhere!

    But now I’m doing less just because my shoulders are so sore. Some moves are fine, but others (bench press especially) are agony. So I tend to concentrate mostly on time spent on the erg, squats / kettle swings, ab work (as I’m vain ;-)) and tricep/bicep work.

    Once my shoulders recover, I’ll probably throw more into the mix, but I figure it’s important to concentrate only on the muscles I’ll need to be able to go faster on an erg, and not worry too much about how I look on the beach.

    As I never get to the beach…

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