03/12/15 – 5000m

5k TT resultAs planned, I decided to have a go at a 5k time-trial today. It’s the first one I’ve done in a LOOOOOOONG time – probably over 6 months, as I’ve been concentrating on short intervals in training recently. So although my PB is 17:52 I knew I wouldn’t get too close.

It started off well, splits down at 1:46 and I felt amazing. Funny how quickly that runs out though! But for the first 2K, I’d say I was holding on at PB pace – but after that it went south…  It wasn’t too bad, but I ended up spending more time at 1:50 – then nudging up to 1:49 and back to 1:51 from time to time. A big push with 250 to go saw splits go down to 1:40 – and saved face a bit.

So end result was 18:11.4 – I’m sure I can do better – but as it was the first one in a long time, I’m relatively pleased. I’ll try and have another bash next week, see if I can at least get sub 18. 3 minute plank to finish

Evening – I took easy. Just some ab work (10 minute abs level 2) and that’s it. I’m cycling to work tomorrow, then I’ll go for a sprint / short interval session at lunch – and THEN I’ll go back to the gym at 18:00 for some 20spm work.

Going out to play poker with friends tomorrow, so it will do me good to burn some calories before the beer and Jack Daniel’s gets near the table!!!

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3 Thoughts to “03/12/15 – 5000m”

  1. Grobi

    Hi John, that is still a very strong 5k. With a bit more even pacing you should “easily” find 10 seconds and get close to 18 mins.

    I guess you did the 5k for indoor rowers league (like I did earlier this Week)? This month the ctc and the irl add up nicely trainingswise, don’t you think?


    1. johntherower

      I agree entirely. It’s perfect for me this month. Short sharp sprints in the CTC and a longer – but still tough and pacey 5k.

      After looking at the Concept 2 rankings, and seeing some of the other times on there, I’m going to have to pull my socks up I think – and try to beat my PB by the end of the month. So I’ll try for sub 18 next time, but really want to be under 17:50 by the end of December. Nothing like a realistic goal, huh?


  2. Grobi

    “Unfortunately” we have christmas and new year’s eve at the end of this month. These two always mess up my training (to much eating, too little training). So I guess you’d better not wait too long with your PB attempt. On the other hand 18mins. is already within your reach, add some hard training and you should set a new PB just before christmas. That would be a nice christmas present, wouldn’t it?


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