07/12/15 – anyone seen my energy?

As expected, it was a late return on Friday night. Well, actually – it wasn’t that bad. I got home at 12:30am and was in bed by 01:10. For anyone in low 30’s or under – who doesn’t have kids – that’s probably an early night.

But when you’ve got two girls who like to wake up at 06:30 each morning, that’s late! Fortunately, my amazing wife got up with the girls and let me sleep in until 08:00. So I had about 6 1/2 hours sleep – which isn’t bad.

Unless you have too much beer and Jack Daniel’s. This made Saturday a little sluggish. But as I’ve put in a plan from last week that as I take Saturday as a rest day, this kind of thing is ok. Well, maybe not exactly that much bad booze, but I could have a couple of then use the rest day to recover.

The problem was that on Saturday, I stayed up chatting and drinking wine with Julie, and we didn’t get to bed until 01:30!

And this time, it was MY turn to get up with the girls. Sunday = gone. No training.

And I felt awful this morning too. Not really because of any wine / beer etc – but I think I just ate too much (went out for a burger on Sunday night) and my body reacted badly.

I still managed a lunchtime session today – but as I was getting changed, I could feel the dull ache of muscles with no energy in them. By the time I started on the erg, it wasn’t too bad. But rather than going for a heavy sprint session, I went for an upward rated row – 1000m x 21spm, then 1000 at 23m, 25, 27 and 29spm.

After those 5000m, I continued with 2k alternating 22spm and 30spm. I felt good afterwards. Tired, but a bit like some of the poison I’d put into my system had worked its way out of my body.

I need to sort this out though. Do I just resign myself to a bad December, then get serious in January? Or will tomorrow never come…

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One Thought to “07/12/15 – anyone seen my energy?”

  1. strider


    Tough love, if you are serious about the world record, suck it up and get back on the erg.

    You can fall off the horse but get back on and you’ll be fine, putting it off until January is not the answer. ( That’s easy for me to say but you did ask us to keep you honest ! )



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