13/12/15 – 500m blast (with Video)

Well, I say blast. It was a blast timewise, but judging by how my pace / form / legs fell off a cliff with 100m to go – I wasn’t exactly having a blast.

Actually, that’s not fair – I enjoyed doing it – I feel heartened by my performance, and I’m looking forward to beating my time. A lot was learned too.


Looking at the results – the headline is that 1:28.8 is a respectable time for it. It’s a PB for me, and puts me third in the age/weight rankings. Just over a second behind 2nd place, and 4 seconds behind first place. So there’s something to gun for – and if I can do that time . But looking further at what happened, it’s interesting to see the second 100 is the fastest.


Looking at the video, there are a few things to take away from this attempt. The first is that I really need to tighten the shock cord again! I don’t know how much more tightening it’ll take before I just need to buy a new one, but the chain is really loose. You can hear it slapping away. Second, I seem to be up at 44spm for most of it – which is pretty high, and does match the thinking that I’m getting more out of just been fit that I am out of being powerful. And lastly, whether it’s the rate, or just bad technique, I was squirming all over the place for a lot of it, as I could not keep my seat on the seat!!

Oh, in case you were wondering – the top boat on the screen is a 1:30 pace boat. And yes, I need to tidy up a bit before I shoot any more videos!!

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