16/12/15 – Sub 18min 5000m – woohoo!!

Despite still feeling quite drained, I decided I’d have another bash at the 5k today, to try to improve my ranking and maybe get under 18minutes for it. After a 1000m warm up, I went for it.

It’s always a good sign when you’re 10 strokes in, pulling 1:44 and feeling good. But, I decided to be sensible and let it ease down to 1:47 / 1:48 – and that’s pretty much how it stayed until 500m to go – at which point I cranked it up to around 1:42.

Then I lay on the floor for a while. I could probably have pushed harder through the meat of the row – but apart from (annoyingly, and you’ll find out why in a sec) not giving the last pull on the handle with 7m to go – I gave it all at the very end.

Final time was 17:49.7 – almost 22 seconds faster than the attempt I had a couple of weeks ago! And, even better – 3 seconds faster than my PB. So I’m happy. Well, I’m mostly happy.

Which brings me back to the ‘last pull’ I mentioned above. Who knows how big a difference that last pull would have made, but looking at the rankings, I’m .4 of a second behind my Free Spirit team-mate Guy – and .7 seconds behind the lead equivalent (40-49 lightweight) rower on the Indoor Rowers league.

So you know what that means – I’ll have another bash soon. Watch this space!

The row itself is always interesting. The first 1000m goes by ok, but at the end of it, I still think ‘Crikey, that was only 1000?’. The second 1000 seems to take twice as long, then 3000-2500 goes quick – 2500-2000 slows down – 2000 to 1000 is an odd area, where I think I’m close to the finish and start to drift faster a bit, and have to watch I don’t burn out.

1000 to 500 seems like a lifetime – 500 to 250 is a gasp – and 250 to 0 is just a countdown of 28 hard, fast strokes.

Oh, and today’s playlist was @Deadmau5.

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