18k to complete the Dog Days

To be frank, the title says it all. Due to working away all week, I was drastically short on the Concept2 Dog Days of Summer challenge. 

With an 18k deficit today, there was nothing for it than to warm up (2k) then set the timer for an hour and then top up and meters under 16k with a brief cool down. 

Which is what I did. But I tell you something, the hour was tough. Started at 1:52 – slipped to 1:53 by the 29 minute stage, but by 45 I was down at 1:58!

I backed down to 2:00 for 5 minutes, then made the last ten count at 1:55. But it was not a walk in the park by any means! 

Back to normality tomorrow. Figuring lunch should be something like 8×500. 

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