1K @ North East Scotland Indoor Rowing Champs. A win’s a win…

This has the potential to make me sound like a bad winner – but I won the North East Scotland Indoor Champs last weekend for my event – but it was at a really slow time comparatively, so though I’m happy I won, I’m not happy in the slightest with my performance.

I should be happy – I was the fastest lightweight, I was the second fastest on the day – but at 3:07.1 it’s slower than I’ve been in a while, and certainly miles away from where I need to be in just two week’s time.

Why was I slow? Ok if I were to pack a list of excuses in my bag this would have been them:

14523173_653233591502677_3270991257402308486_n1) I drove 2.5 hours to get there (but I did then have 1 hour 45 to stretch etc before the race)
2) I decided to have another go at ‘soda doping’ to see if that would improve things. It really didn’t. Not only did it not have any effect on my performance, right before the race my stomach was awful! (In fact, the next day I was in a really bad way – I don’t know if the baking soda was to blame, but I won’t be doing it again in a rush just in case!)

3) I didn’t get much of a warmup. Mostly because of the above to be honest, but it ended up being an 8 minute warmup, with a couple of minute’s rest, then we were off. So I have to remember to give warmups my full attention for the next time!!

4) This is the big one. I bailed when I realised I was winning.

What do I mean? Well I started off at 1:30 – sure it was tough, but I was holding on (just) to 1:30. Then I looked up and saw how far ahead I was of the rest of the field, and a voice in my head (yes, that voice again) said ‘Why are you still pushing? There’s no need – it hurts, you’re winning anyway, just ease off a bit’.

Which is what I did. And you know what it’s like – when you’re at max anyway, easing off just becomes the new max, and it’s really hard to push and get back up to where you were.

So I carried on, eventually slipping to 1:34 splits – put in a sprint of sorts to the end, and won it at 3:07.1

I can only hope that with a few week’s left of training, I can get some more speed in to be happier with the faster effort. And that the next time I do this in anger properly, it’ll be at the Scottish Champs – and not only will I have more people chasing me, I’ll be doing it in front of a bigger crowd, including my family – so will want to do as well as I can.

Still trying and hoping for the World Record – but also being realistic and aiming to beat my British Record as a secondary goal.


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