1K World Record – confidence is low

I’m hard on myself – I try to be as positive as I can, but I’ll also be more likely to take a less positive approach to some of my training in an effort to shame myself into trying harder.

I hope this is what this is.

But, I think looking at it realistically, the chances of me breaking the World Record for the 1K at the end of this month are pretty much zero right now. Why? Currently it can be boiled down to the following training session – 5 x 250m with 1min rest in between each interval:

sprintsThe image may be a bit of fun, but the row itself was far from it. Sure, if you look at it, all apart from the second interval were at the pace I need to be rowing at in order to get under 2:59 for 1K – but bear in mind that each of these intervals has a 1 minute rest period in between. Even though it stretches up to 1250 in total, I certainly can’t see me holding this pace for 2:58.9.

500m yes, 750m maybe – 1000m no. Or at least certainly not right now.

One thing I’m happy about though is that by the end of the 5th interval I was completely done in. Legs were jelly, arms were jelly – I was at 0 by the time I finished. So I know I put everything into it – but everything just isn’t enough…

So what am I doing to do about it?

Well, for a start – train for it. This is where I think I’ve messed up. I’ve been training for performance on the erg as a whole, and not focussing on the 1K. This has its value – and if it doesn’t go to plan this year, will give me the proper foundation I need in order to do it next year. But if I AM to do it next year, I need to focus a lot more on this kinda distance instead of spending so much time doing longer, slower sessions. Don’t get me wrong, longer, slower sessions are really important. But this is the first bit of 1K training I’ve done in a long time, and apart from the CTC a couple of month’s ago that had the odd 100/200/300/400/500 sprint setup, the first time in months that I’ve gone full-eyes-bursting-out-of-my-head sprinting.

It’s ok – I’m happy to spend another year getting this right. After all, this year I broke the British Record – something I hope to chip away at during the Scottish Indoor Champs. If I can’t break the World Record, I’ll damn well make sure I get a little bit closer to it by breaking the British one!

But between how well today went and going on holiday so close to the Scottish Champs, (with not only no guarantee I’ll get on an erg to do any training, but also the lure of food and booze – not even I’m that dull to not enjoy an all inclusive holiday!) I’m just not convinced I’ll be at all guns blazing to be able to break the World Record.

I’ll try – don’t get me wrong, I’m not giving up – but I need to take a realistic viewpoint of where I stand right now. And right now, it ain’t looking good!

Tomorrow, I’ll try to see how far I can get at 1:32 – I’m hoping I’ll get to 750 before I start to feel like it’s getting too much. Wednesday I’ll have another go at todays 250 x 5 session – and Thursday I’ll try to get further at 1:32 than tomorrow.

Friday is a rest day.

Saturday is the North East of Scotland Indoor Rowing Championships – where I’ll try to see how long I can hold 1:32 for all the way to the end.

As I hit 3:06.9 a couple of weeks ago, I’m hoping I’ll at least get somewhere near that – and then have a number on the board ready to beat at the end of the month. But it’s going to take a lot of hard work to beat my 3:04.6 record – and a huge amount of work, luck and good fortune if I have any hopes at all of beating 2:59 to get the World Record this time round.



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