20/12/15 – Testing DF and strap positions for 100m (Video)

There’s an exciting title huh? Don’t all come rushing to watch this one!

After the 100m sprints this week, I wanted to take a look at what would happen if I lowered the DF. Would it stop me flying off the seat?

So I did a few tests. The first two at 140df, then at 180 – then changing footplate position, then back to 140 with the new footplate position. Timewise, the 180df/higher footplate did the best – but comfort wise (bottom not flying off) was the best option.

Which means there’s some work to do!

However. This wasn’t the biggest learning point from this video. Look how short my slide is! I’m going nowhere near as far forward as I could. This will (surely) be stunting my leg power, meaning it’s all coming from my arms and back.

It’s monday now, as it’s taken so long to upload the video (really bad broadband at home) and today’s plan is to do an hour (there’s a charity thing) – I’ll video the first 10 minutes of it, and see if I can concentrate on my slide length – and see what happens when my mind drifts too!!

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