21/12/15 Eyes wide shut 60min (with Video)

Maybe not eyes shut for 60 minutes, but today was a day of exploration.

I set up the camera again to record the first 10 minutes of my 60 minute row today. Apologies for another mute video. But I had the radio on, and it seems Coldplay don’t like their music accompanying my rowing, as I got an email from YouTube about copyright breach, and so they’ve muted the video.

Watching it, my concerns about slide length (at 25spm anyway) were dismissed. It’s a lot better than the 100m attempts I captured. I’m maybe still a bit lazy with my stroke though. It’s ok to take time, but it does look a bit languid at times.

As for the 60minute row itself, it was a journey. I went into it thinking I’d quite like to break 16k – something I’ve not done, but which I’m sure I’m easily capable of.

15 minutes in, when I should be at 4K, I’m only at 3950. But rather than try to up my split consistently, I adopt this method: 4 strokes at 1:53 /1:52 then 1 hard pull ( usually hitting around 1:49 ). By the time I get half way through, I’m back on track, hitting exactly 8000m.

By 45 minutes through I’ve gone through waves of struggling to hold 1:52 to being ok with it. But I hit 12050 as I pass.

At 12 mins to go, my body shuts down. I fight valiantly, but have to back off to around 1:58. Grrr. At the 10 minutes to go mark, I decide I’m better to concentrate on form – especially as I’m tired and it’s getting sloppy, so I close my eyes and row 100 strokes that way. It’s rally interesting. All external visual distractions gone, it’s a great way to concentrate on smooth cyclical transitions through each part of the stroke.

And more interestingly, I got some mojo back. At 3:20 to go, was at 15000 – and figured I’d try to hit 1:49 splits. That lasted 45 seconds!!! So I calmed down, and accepted 16k wouldn’t happen. But as I got to 500m I went for it. Back down to 1:40, ending at around 1:36 splits.

Final distance was 15931. Which is frustrating. But the fact I was able to sprint to the end proves to me I had more than enough in the tank. So I’ll have another go this week and make sure I hit the mark this time!!!

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