2kday – not a great start! 

The plan is that Friday is now called 2kday in a bid to stop them feeling special. Nothing to be feared, something I’m used to etc etc.

With a PB of 6:37.8 and a recent (not great) 6:42.2 I figured I’d set a benchmark time of 6:44 to try to always hit.

Yesterday – 6:48. So that didn’t go to plan!

I started off ok at 1:41 but it just got really tough to hold it. As you can see I back right off until the last 200 – which was at 1:38 > 1:36

As much as it hurt, it didn’t hurt much more than any other 2k. Yes I was tired, I’d done a tough 30min at 24 the night before which is already felt drained during, but that is no excuse.

Next week, if I can find an erg, I’ll do better. 

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