3 months. Lock-down. No booze, no cake, no fun…

Even though there has been a bit of a spanner in the plan to get to peak fitness right before the Scottish Indoors to go for this world record (see last post) with three months to go until they happen, I’m entering ‘diet lockdown’.

Really, what this means is that I’m now zero tolerance on booze and cakes / chocolate. The rest of my diet seems to be healthy enough – though I’ll need to address some portion sizes – but I know booze and sugar are my achilles heel, so I’m on lockdown.

The upside of this is that I’ll be sober and bored a lot more, which means a lot more posts on here! (inserts smiley face here if I could muster the post-irony to do so).

In other news…

(Like any of this is ‘news’).

I’ve been using @LiveRowing as my data augmenter on the erg nowadays. I like ErgData, I like RowPro – it seems LiveRowing has been able to roll most of the best parts of both into one app. So far, this means I’ve jettisoned ErgData, but RowPro is still up there for racing other people.

But, looking at how LiveRowing has evolved even since I started using it, and how open Nick is to new suggestions, I don’t think it’ll be too long before this last line is blurred enough that I don’t need to use anything else.

I’m hoping to set up a whole bunch of forth-coming training sessions through it, and the great thing about LiveRowing is that I can do a session, and then challenge a ‘Friend’ to do it too. So. If you’re intrested in this, and have LiveRowing, either adde me as a friend – username is Recess – or drop me a line and I’ll add you.

I’ve no idea how this works – but knowledge comes out of investigation.

Anyway, here’s to three month of intense training – all hopefully tapering in beautifully for a 1k record breaking attempt!

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