30/11/15 – form is important. Just don’t talk to me.

After yesterday’s rather poor show, I thought I might be a good idea to be a bit more focussed today – and actually push hard.

A bit of a hiccup for my lunchtime session when one of the PT’s took interest in the USB stick hanging out of the erg, and chatted for 5 minutes, knocking precious time off my plans. The good side though was that I got a free PT session out of it! Anyway….

I took my lead from the Concept 2 workout of the day – planning do:

10 strokes hard, 10 easy – then 20/20, 30/30, 40/40, 50/50, 40/40, 30/30, 20/20, 10/10 – but I had to shave off the 50/50 due to losing time. Still, I made sure to go all out on the stokes I was doing – 5K in total (inc. 1k warm up)

Then, when I got home, I figured I’d continue the hard push theme, and after a 2K warmup, went back to last month’s CTC – 15 x 1 minute with 1 minute ‘rest’ (light paddling) – but did it all at a rate of 22spm. Apart from the last one, which I went all out on.

I averaged 280 for each of the 1 minute chunks, flitting between 1:43 and 1:47 depending on how tweaky I was with my technique. The last effort, I was down at 1:32 for the most part – though it slipped to 1:35 for the last 7 seconds and managed 317m.

But the interesting part was the tweaks I was making to my technique through all the main efforts – and the easy sessions too. It’s interesting how concentrating on form can reveal where the kinks are.

  • Bending my arms too soon. When I keep them straight for as long as possible, I can knock 1 second of splits easily.
  • Not getting shins to vertical – if I’m lazy, and don’t go vertical, reach forward to put my arms into a straight position, I lose 1sec
  • Keeping my stroke to a cyclical form, instead of pulling/pushing straight back and forward can make a 1 second difference
  • I also realised that I was collapsing the small of my back – and when I made sure to keep a better posture – I got close to 2sec faster!!

All of which – can add up to 5 seconds per 500m!

I was messing round with where to set the footplate too – but couldn’t really get any real difference between all the way down, one hole showing, or two holes showing. 2 felt uncomfortable though – and all the way down felt too low. So for the time being I’m sticking to 1 hole up.

So the key – I think – it to not only build up power, stamina and mental fortitude – but also to concentrate on form.


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3 Thoughts to “30/11/15 – form is important. Just don’t talk to me.”

  1. strider

    Well done John

    The set up that helped Paul Buchanan-Beowulf-and several others become much faster is Q Power – http://q-power.co

    The main guy is James Howard who at 52 won the 50 + LWT at Boston in 6:43.0 so he is no slouch, I am sure that he would be more than interested in helping you achieve your goals.

    All the best


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  3. […] nowhere from time to time. Well, I say nowhere – it was from Strider, who sent a comment on this page. He mentioned the Q-power people, and suggested I had a look to see if they’d be able to give […]

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