5k to kick off 3 rest days

It’s a busy week. I’m editing TV stuff for the One Show at the Edinburgh Festival – which means long days – and especially, not time for training. 

Which is probably a good idea. I’ve not had a rest day for 10 days, and I’ve been hitting it hard for a couple of months now. If I can get a chance to do weights tomorrow night I may do – but otherwise, it’s three days rest. 

A few things to catch up on though.  

Firstly, the Concept 2 RowLympics challenge drew to a close as the Olympics finished. The point being to row for enough time to win a bronze, silver or gold medal. I finally squeaked over the 15 hour point after a 10k Fitness Matters WOW on Sunday morning. And “won” a gold. 

The finishing rate of that row was at 26spm – split time set for 1:50. But there was a bit of a race to the finish line between me and another guy – which ended with me doing 1:36 @ 26spm in order to beat him. Sam from Fitness matters seemed surprised by my ability to hit this – so requested that I do 8 x 1min on 1 min off at 26spm – to see what my performance was like 

Which was how I spent my Monday lunchtime training. And it’s not an easy session! Trying to squeeze every last meter out of 26spm sure wore me down! Pleased with the results though. 

Sam suggested that this session +1.5 seconds is a good indicator of 2k possibility. Which would be 1:37.5 – a 6:30   2k time. 

Which would be lovely! Need to work toward that…

Then last night, knowing that I won’t be able to do anything until Saturday, I plumped for an easy 5k. Easy in that I didn’t want to do more than average 1:48 until the end. 

I’m sure next time I try this I could do 1:47 and sprint the end – but this was a feeler test ahead of the Devon Indoor 5k in three week’s time. 

Anyway, so not much doing until Saturday I guess. Just need to make sure I don’t ease off the the diet at the same time as easing off the training! 

8×1/1 – 9.9/10

5k – 8/10

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