A 2K Horror Story…

Yesterday was the Welsh Indoor Rowing Championships. Sadly I couldn’t make it – no flights at good times from Glasgow sadly.

Looking at the times of some of my rowing peers, I was interested to see what time I’m capable of today. So yesterday, rather than doing any training, I decided to take a rest day so that today I could have a pass at the 2K.

In the end, what I decided to do was row the first 1500 at my hopeful race pace  (1:39) then see what happened for the last 500m.

Unfortunately, that wasn’t what happened. I got 500m into the row at 1:38 pace (after a 7 hard stroke start) but then stopped. I couldn’t breathe, my arms were sore, my legs were sore – and my head was filled with that absolute desire to put an end to the row.

As you can see from the video, I tried to quit completely (you can see my pick up the remote) but in the end I decided to change it to 500m / 1min rest x 4

And I made sure to hit the next 500’s harder. So it went:

1:38 (first 500, hard start)

1:36 (second 500 – born of anger)

1:36 (third 500 – last 100m were tough)

1:39 (Last 500 – final 200 were really tough, down to 1:40 and really weak!)


So in the end I salvaged something from the day, but realistically it was a complete failure. I had hoped this would be my last 2K before the BRIC in two week’s time – but now I realise I might need to pop another one in next week. In the meantime I need to break the 2K into sections, and hit them hard over the next two weeks.

Starting tonight, when I’ll go back and do 12 x 250 (at 1:39) / 250 easy (2:20) Normally I’d go for total rest, but it’s the winter charity challenge on the Concept2 logbook, and as many meters as I can enter in order to raise money for charity, the better.

Obviously I’m disappointed by today, but I’m going to use this to get stronger. #NOTHINGBEATSME (eventually)

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