A better day’s training – let’s hope it sticks!

After yesterday’s quite alarming mood swings when it came to my performance on the erg, I was keen to get on and get on with it today!

I’ve got a couple of weeks downtime between jobs which is perfect – as at the end of it, it’s the BRIC. Well, actually it would have been perfect if it started last week, as next week should be a taper rather than a training week. But that’s not going to stop me squashing any memories of yesterday’s failure.

I’m hoping to get two good sessions in a day, averaging between 14-16Km a day. Then next week I’ll taper down – take Thursday as a rest day, Friday as an energiser – then race for it on Saturday.

Which means today had two sessions. The first was from Sam’s plan – 3 x 3000m with 2mins rest in between. An easier one, starting at 1:57.5 – but then speeding up to 1:52.5 by the last interval. A good slog – and very sweaty by the end!!

img_1945Four hours later, I was back on again. After the longer slog earlier in the day, I wanted to do some tough sprint stuff at around 2K pace. So I went for 5 x 500m / 2 min rest. The point wasn’t to destroy myself, it was to maintain the 2K pace (or faster) for all 5 intervals.

Hard to tell from the nasty photo – but it went well. Bear in mind I’m trying to hold 1:39 pace at BRIC for the first 1500-1700m – then this is looking closer to what I need to do. I was rather knackered by the end it must be said – but then 1:36.2 was a bit of a surprise to see by the end of that last rep!!

Happy with today – hopefully tomorrow will be as rewarding. But I do realise I need to keep one eye on my energy levels – I don’t want to run myself into the ground in an effort to squeeze out the last few ounces of training I can muster.


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