A couple of videos from EIRC

Someone (Jane) was kind enough to take a couple of videos of my race from last weekend. The first one is near the start of the race, the second one is the closing 40 seconds or so.

What’s interesting is the rate I’m rowing at. There’s only a 2 stroke difference (34 vs 32) – but it felt like I’d really slowed down my rate when I was doing it – but in reality, not that much!

Interesting look of pain on my face in the second clip though. Oh, I’m the one with the orange stripes.


Someone pointed out how dis-interested the girl behind me was! I’ve not been scorned by a girl like that since I was 19!!! 🙂


The guy behind Luis (white T-shirt – he came second) is showing suitable interest though – he could obviously see how close it was. Luis finished 2 seconds behind me.

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