A good week of training – a bad week of eating

Well, I guess it’s all about perspective. If you consider a couple of chocolate biscuits and a bacon roll a bad thing – then it’s been a bad week…

But then, I think it’s been an important week mentally. And it’ll continue until Sunday. Not that I plan to eat crap and get hammered every night – but to take the restraints off my normal ‘body is a temple’ plan for one week will make me able to get back into the grind of training and healthy eating.

Not only am I great believer in the mental development from releasing the confines, but I also believe there’s an element of metabolic shock which comes into play too. It’s like going to the gym to lift weights. Every four weeks you have to change things up a bit, as the body adapts, and needs further stimulation in order to progress. I think my body is the same. If I restrict for long enough, my body gets used to it – starts to change how it uses energy based on what its now getting, and weight loss / muscle gains are reduced.

So giving it a week (usually one day in a weekend to be fair though) to react to something different is a good thing I think – mentally and physically.

Training wise, it’s been a good week though. Monday I started with some tests at 1:30 (which I’ve already posted about) Tuesday was some 20r20 work (5340) Wednesday was more sprint sessions, trying to keep it at 1:30 for 45 seconds x 8 reps I didn’t manage it – but I felt good with what I DID manage – yesterday I PB’d my 10k (36:36.8) and today I randomly tried a 1K test. Slower than my race in November at 3:10.1 – but with no prep, and I did PB a 10K yesterday!!!

The World Rowing Indoor Sprints take place mid-March, and this will be my next big tryout for the 1K. If I can focus everything on this I’m hoping to get my time down to about 3:06.

We’ll see!!



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