A good week of training

this was week 1 of Sam Blythe’s training plan. Quite the opposite of what I would have made myself so if I were just making it up day by day.

Most of it is lower rate (18-24) and lower split (1:53-2:01) stuff – which may not instantly transfer to my hopes of hitting 1:29.5 at 35spm .

Bit I have faith in his plan. It’s designed to get the rate up high with the power to match – which is exactly what I intend to do if I’m ever to break this record.

I’ve still been doing the odd lunchtime sprint interval session, or long technique session too – which I think is what led to yesterday’s energy drain. But hopefully the main plan is doing things in the background that will reap huge rewards soon!

Next weekend I’m 41. Nowhere near as romantic as 40. But it means I should push hard this year before I get too far from a 40 year olds body!!!

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