A spanner in my @ScottishRowing Indoor Championship plans

Gah! There’s been a problem…

This idea took hold last November, when I raced at the Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships. I was told how close I was to the World Record – and therefore decided to give myself a year to train to break it. Having broken the British Record (1K 40-49 lightweight) things were looking good. Tough, but hopeful.

Except – it seems that the Scottish Champ’s people aren’t playing ball with my plans (how dare they! Surely I’m the most important thing on their minds right now?!!?). Instead of holding the SIRC’s halfway through November as they did in 2015, this year, it’s at the end of October. This has two issues.

  1. Less time to train (albeit by a couple of weeks only)
  2. I’m on holiday with the family before it.

And the holiday thing has a couple of issues. If there are no ergs on Holiday, I won’t be able to get quality training in prior to the race – and also, as it’s all inclusive, the chances of me coming back still as a lightweight are dubious!

I’m still going to train hard and try to get as strong a finish as I can (even if I have to race the HWT category!) so hopefully it’ll still happen. But it may be that I have to make an appearance at the Irish / Welsh or anywhere else that has a 1k race in it!!


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