All starts and no finishes #indoorrowing

Here we go again. Another “I’m back into hard training” post. That’s not to say each time before I’ve said “this time” I’ve been lying.

It’s just that things got in the way. Injury, illness, knives (kitchen and surgical) have all put a halt to my great renaissance. (Ahem).

But what I’d add to the mix of why things were a struggle was poor goal setting. Setting goals I feel I should because of the sport. Ie – a great 2k – a great 10k and of course the 1k.

But the training focus for the three distances is different. And often I’d be questioning why I was doing some of it (especially the bits I wasn’t feeling were testing me).

So, it’s with this knowledge in hand that THIS time, I’m rebooting my race efforts by concentrating just on a 1k. Sure, other challenges happen, but I’ll only worry about the training for a 1k. Get me back on track for why I started up this blog in the first place

Five weeks until the Devon Indoor Championships where I’ll test my 1k performance for the first time.

Then a week off the gas before kicking back into do better at the Scottish Indoor Champs. And by better I mean better than Devon and better than last year.

I really don’t want to come third again…

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