An ember is lit

So here we go. Why am I here (come to think of it, why are you here?)

Today is Wednesday 25th November 2015. 4 days ago I competed in the Scottish Indoor Rowing Championships. Due to family commitments, I just took part in one race. The 1000m 40-49 Lightweight sprint.

And I won. Go me.

I managed it in a PB too – 3:09.7 – beating my old PB by over 2 seconds. It seems it helped having my wife and kids screaming at me to go faster! It also helped that I was being chased by a team-mate. (More about the ‘team’ to come).

However, standing on the podium, the guy who came third shook my hand, and said ‘Great time – you know the World Record is only 2:59.0 – that’s within reach’. (*Caveat alert – this is the World Record for 40-49 male lightweight rowers, on a Concept2 rowing machine (know as an ‘erg’)).

In fact, here’s a photo of the very moment (I’m the guy in the middle):


(Incidentally, the guy to my left with the boulders for arms is another Free Spirit).

Anyway –  the ember was lit.

So that’s why I’m here. I’ve got pretty much a year until the next S.I.R.C. – and though there will be other competitions, other training attempts etc – my plan is to take a year to try to shave off that 10 seconds – and a next year’s SIRC, go for the World Record.

We all need a goal, huh? Why not go for something you can put your name against!

Why write a blog about it, I hear you ask – why not just get on the Erg, train, and go for it next year? Well, I want some kind of accountability for how I’m getting on. I want to have an added incentive to train harder, and I find it useful to write things down. I did this years ago when I first started learning how to DJ – and that eventually became a website which has taught DJs all over the world how to mix (, and then became ‘DJing for Dummies’. So if that was a success, hopefully this rowing malarky will be a success too!