Back in the plan…

I love it when a plan comes together…

It’s even better when someone else is in charge, and all I have to do is follow instructions!! 

Most of the beginning of this year was spent on various plans designed by Sam Blythe at Fitness Matters. Well structured, tough but never beyond reach (although it sometimes felt it) and a large community of like minded erg-warriors who shared their results (and reactions) from the sessions. 

For the past few months I took a break. Not because I didn’t enjoy the plans, and not really because I felt anything was lacking, but because I wanted to feel in charge of myself for a while. 

But with the BRIC, Crash-B’s, Scottish Champs and I’m assuming English Champs and maybe Euro’s too – it’s time to put the structure back. 

So I’ve joined the plan again. Hopefully running his alongside my lunchtime sprint sessions will unlock the door that I need to pass through in order to get faster. 

Working on my stroke is one thing – but I need the fitness and the power too. 

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