With 2018 registering a bad year for performance for me, the one good thing that the time of the machine gave me was time to study to become a Concept 2 Certified Indoor Rowing Coach through Dark Horse Rowing.

And, running with this, I’m now coaching people how to row better on the Concept2. Currently just in Glasgow, but the big expansion is that I’ve also been uploading videos to Youtube of me rowing sessions for people to row along with. Go to to see more.

It’s a simple idea. After a quick warmup, I then go into a timed piece. Sometimes it’s something simple like 20 minutes at 20spm – other times, it’s a longer piece, 60 minutes with a rate and pace change every 5 minutes.

One screen info helps you know what’s going on, and you just row along with me to keep the pace right. And through the session, I talk to you, reminding you to think about technique and trying to keep you on track. (One of the Youtube comments has asked me to stop talking though!!).

Each time I post a new video to Youtube, I’ll be sure to mention it here too – but do keep an eye on to see what else is going on. And just to save you hunting for it

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