Concept 2 Finder

It’s tough being away from home. It’s worse when you can’t find somewhere with a Concept2! So I’ve put into progress a Google Map which I’m adding (with help from users) locations of hotel that have gyms with Concept2’s or normal gyms which you can pay-as-you-go (ie, you don’t have to join for a month!) to be able to use their machines. Concept2 do have their own finder page but it doesn’t cover Europe.

If you want to be part of this project, details on how to edit the map are below the map.


If you have a location you’d like to add to the map, the first thing to do is click the icon at the top right of the map window – ‘View Larger Map’. This opens the map in a new page. On the side bar on the left hand side of the page, you’ll see ‘Edit’. Click that, and a new page will load up. Type the address of the location you wish to enter into the search bar, and hit enter. Assuming it finds where you searched, the pop up box that shows should have ‘Add Map’ on it. Edit any information you wish, and add it to the map.

If you like, you can enter more details in the Facebook page dedicated to this concept.

Thanks for your help with this! Together we’ll hopefully never be too far away from a machine…