Day 3 of water challenge is over. No hilarious ‘caught short’ stories… yet

Actually, the main thing I’m picking up is how dehydrated I must have been before doing this. As I think I’ve only really had to go to the facilities once or twice a day more than normal. And when I do – it’s still not running clear.

I have noticed that when I’m rowing now, I’m sweating a LOT. I’m always a sweaty exerciser though, so it’s hard to tell if this is worse than normal. Maybe it’s because my body has more fluid, and CAN sweat it out. (As long as it’s not because there’s too much, and my body is trying to create a balance again. But then surely I’d be sweating all the time if that were the case?)

It’s still easy to consume. 1.5 litres in the morning, again after lunch, and again the evening. Yesterday, I had another litre on top of the 4.5 due to a lunch row and an evening row. Today, just lunch.

Which does bring me to a thought. One thing people say is that you’ll get loads of energy back. I’m waiting for that to happen! I was falling asleep reading stories to my 6 year old tonight, and changed tonight’s planned row into a pretty lacklustre weights session as I’ve no energy. That could be because I’ve been in pretty heavy calorie deficit the past couple of days.

But the big thing to point out is weight loss. Compared to the same time I weight myself on Monday, when I weighed myself this morning I was 2Kg lighter!!

Obviously there’s some kind of metabolic swing going on – I’ve not lost 2Kg in two days – but something’s going on. I’ll be interested to see what my weight is in the morning. Especially as I had a big backed potato for dinner tonight!

Apart from looking for the promised energy, I’m loving this. I do wonder what’ll happen at the weekend though…


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