Day 4 of 1 gallon water challenge – going well. But have osmotic barrier concerns.

Headline first – between yesterday and today, my morning weight in was 400g less. So I’ve now dropped 2.4kg since Monday – and the only difference I’ve made is to drink this water (well, I guess it also means I’m drinking 2 cups of coffee less as well).

But the more word gets around about what I’m doing, the more people are coming to me with their concerns. Today, a rather intelligent man warned me about problems with diluting my micro-biome, the acidity in my stomach, and the subsequent problems with carrying that acid through my intestines.

Plus, he warned of the osmotic barrier. He explained what that means, but I think I lost understanding about 2 minutes after he left my edit suite. But what he was getting at is that I  should be adding a little salt and sugar to the water in order to make it an isotonic drink – which won’t have the osmosis problem.

I think it’s probably important to start making my sports drinks isotonic for that reason – but I think I’ll still stick to drinking plain water outside of that. However, the one change I am going to make is to back off the 4,5 litres at weekends. I’ll still drink lots of water, but probably just a couple of litres instead of 4.5!

From a vanity point of view (if you’re interested) I really do think my lower stomach, where that annoying last bit of fat lies, is getting thinner. But I might just be projecting.


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