Dom dom dom doms…

So, the 1000m… that didn’t happen. I woke up yesterday with something I’ve not felt since….

Delay Onset Muscle Soreness.

Now I’ve had this in the past, heavy squash session, the first few times I’d gone hard on the erg, hitting some heavy squats (and leg raises – they burrrrn) and of course, the first run for a long time.

I didn’t consider Sunday as the first run in a long time. I did it in jeans for pity’s sake! 2.2Km in 17 minutes.  I think I can walk that faster!! But, add a 3 year old on the shoulders and a strange running style designed to absorb impact – and it’s a recipe for pain!! Well, delay onset pain!!

Not that I shied away from the erg yesterday – I just decided not to go super hard. Instead, an easy 10k working on technique instead. (I’m really trying to get this right!!) Hopefully I’m getting there.

Then, lunchtime saw a quick session – 2k warm up and 15 x 30’s +30’s. I was able to hit 1:34’s for all of the splits, which was nice – and it was more about time defeating me and needing to go back to work that it was that I needed to stop.

Finally (I know! Lots!) a late night (hey, in this house, 21:30 IS a late night!) session – 5k fletcher warm up, followed by a 1min sprint (this month’s Indoor Rower’s League) at 341m (must try harder!) and 1k of just arms and just legs.

All in all, a good training day. And my diet was (almost) spot on too!

Lets hope work doesn’t get in the way tomorrow….


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