Drink a gallon of water a day? That’ll be easy ‘pee-sy’. (Comedy gold like that will ensue)

First off, I have to admit I’m following something that’s already been done. A lot of times. I read a fantastic blog post about this, and figured I’d give it a try as well.

Why? Two big reasons, lots of small ones.

Big reasons:

I tend to blow up quite quickly currently on longer rows – and I wonder if that’s because I’m under-hydrated

With the Devon 5K in three week’s time, I need to be careful about making sure I make the 75Kg lightweight weigh in. And though there are a lot of people who say drinking lots of water will help lose retained water – it’s more about filling me up so I don’t snack on nuts or drink loads of coffee. I don’t really eat any other rubbish, so the only thing left to remove is coffee and nuts.

IMG_1310There’s other stuff like will it give me more energy, improve my skin (I don’t have bad skin) etc – but really it’s about hydration and weight loss.

So meet Dave. He is my big bottle of water I will now carry with me. Three of these a day I need to drink. It’s lunchtime now, and I’ve drained¬†him once. If I can do the same this afternoon, then again through the evening, I’ll be sorted.

Not really much to comment on as the effects of Day 1. I don’t think I’ve needed to pee any more than normal yet – I wonder if that means I was dehydrated before, and so far it’s just getting me back to normal?


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