Erm, thanks – but I’m not @jamescracknell

Did I ever tell you about the time a girl at the gym thought I was James Cracknell?

Probably not, as it was yesterday. Not entirely sure how she got confused. Me being a Scottish lightweight 6:38 kinda guy, and not a world class English beefcake.

However, as I clambered off the machine yesterday after a 60 r20 @ 2k + 20 – I sat there sweating, when a girl came rushing over, and asked for a photo.

Eh? Me?

Yes! Please!

But I’m nobody!

Just a quick photo, please.

Erm, ok.

Puts on a rather bemused smile.

And off she goes, with a thank you. Realising I’m wearing my British Rowing T shirt, I figure maybe she thinks I’m here for the European Championships in Glasgow this weekend, and in for a spot of training.

I then see her again at the water tower (I wasn’t stalking!!!) and she asks if I’m here commentating. It’s then that things fall more into place. She thinks I’m actually somebody. Not just me. (Although, maybe she’s a fan of this blog???)

Not wanting to cause an embarrassing conversation (terrible British thing to do) I say I’m here training to get my world records back, and as an old man it takes a lot of work on the ERG.

Ah, good luck. And off she goes.

5 minutes later, I catch the PT who took the photo, and ask “Who did she think I was?”

“James Cracknell.”

I did have longer hair yesterday – and he IS only three year’s older than me. But unless my current weight training has exploded my guns in the past few days, I certainly don’t have the imposing frame of him!!!

Still, I’m taking it as a compliment. Not only that I must be looking trim, but my rowing stroke can’t look too sucky!

At least she didn’t ask me to sign anything!!!!

I got my hair cut right after – if only so she doesn’t recognise me next time and have that sudden embarrassed realisation that it’s just me…

Oh, and here’s my 2k+20 60r20 Missed it by 1m

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