Feeling blue – not in a good way

I’m injured again.

Actually, I say again – it’s been quite a while since I was injured. Last time my body failed on me  was when I got strep right before the Scottish Indoors – but this time, it’s not so nice…

It’s either an intercostal calamity – or I’ve dislocated a rib. As it stands, I’m hoping it’s the latter. Why? Because earlier on today I felt something pop in my back – and I’m really hoping it’s a dislocated rib going back to its location.

Regardless, I’ve spent the past week in a bad way training wise. The injury happened last Sunday night (the 19th) but didn’t really manfest until two days after. How did it happen? I’m putting it down to doing pull-ups. Too many, too soon, and with poor technique. Or it was bench pressing a weight that was too much for me right now (I didn’t reduce it from what I pressed in January).

Either way, on Tuesday I felt like there was a massive knot in between my shoulder blades, and a swelling in the left hand side of my chest. Went too hard on Wednesday – rested Thursday – and too hard again on Friday.

So I took off Saturday and Sunday (which was more painful that rowing!) and did a soft 5K on Monday night. It was still a bit sore, but I thought I’d have another go at a 5K on Tuesday. Definitely got worse.


So I took off Wednesday and today – and then in the middle of Tesco felt a ‘pop’ in my back. No real reason to hope this is it getting better though.

The test will be when I go to bed tonight. Yesterday for example, it was ok between 18:00 and bedtime, but when I woke up in the morning it was back to burning pain.

Tomorrow, therefore will be the indicator when I wake up. The plan is to take a complete break until Monday – regardless of whether the morning is good or not.

This has hit me quite hard.

  1. Lack of training endorphins
  2. Lack of the social element of posting stuff on the plan page
  3. Guilt at not training
  4. What do I do with my time?
  5. I eat and drink!!

Keep your finger’s crossed for the morning…

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