Focus for Boston Crash-B’s (already!)

Just so you can picture this, I’m sitting in Starbucks in Glasgow. (No, that’s not me in the photo, that’s the fella from ‘The Mentalist’) I’m on my own, sipping an Americano while killing time before going to the gym for a row.

The last time I did something similar was in 2015 when I flew to Boston for the weekend to compete in the Crash-B world championships. An odd weekend to be honest, rattling around Boston on my own in -15 C weather.

But one which I’m going to repeat in 2017! Hopefully in better temperatures though!!

Flight is booked and so is the hotel. So it’s all going to happen again. Hopefully this time I won’t be carrying an injury before and during the competition.

What does this all have to do with my 1k record attempt? Well, although 1k and 2ks are two different beasts, I have to hope that improvements to my 2k time will transfer to my 1k and vice versa.

At this stage though, it wouldn’t be hard to improve my 2k. I did a test a couple of weeks ago before starting Sam’s off season plan and it was an abismal 6:42.2

I know it’s all how you look at it – but when you look at some predictors which say a 2k should be 1k splits + 5 seconds, that would be 1:37.3 splits for the 2k – which should put me sub 6:30 for a 2k!!

However, I also realise the 2k is more about mental fitness at a certain point, which if you read my previous posts, isn’t my strong point right now!! And I wonder if it’s because I don’t do many 2ks. Maybe I need to do one or two a month so they don’t feel special and scary??

Anyway, training continues. My coffee is finished, and I’m now off to the gym to do 16x1min sprints…

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