Food – habit or hunger?

One interesting thing about not being able to train as hard as I’ve been over the past few weeks is that food has taken on a slightly different meaning.

Where before it was all about fuel – trying to get the right amount of the right stuff in me, the past 6 weeks have been more about eating for eating’s sake – just to stay alive.

Yes, the cycling side of things has meant that I’ve also needed to think about fuel – but nowhere near as much as when compared to training hard three times a day! In that instance, as long as I knew I wasn’t over-doing portions, or putting too much crap into my mouth, I was pretty much ok to eat on a timetable each day – in fact, I believe an earlier post went through what I ate each day at what time.

But this has a downside when training stops. It’s really easy to get into a routine (well, I find it easy) – but what’s not as easy it getting away from that routine.

For instance, I tend to have a protein bar when I get into work as I’m hungry. But there have been occasions over the past couple of weeks where I’ve needed to hit the ground running at work, and not had a chance to eat my protein bar – and haven’t thought at all about it.

So, I wasn’t actually hungry – I was just habitually expecting a ‘feed’.

Same goes for mid-morning and mid-afternoon. I’ve got a tub of nuts here which I’ll dip into to ‘keep me going’ – but if I get distracted by too much actual work, I can miss this dip of hunger and see the morning or (or and) out without touching my nuts. (ahem).

So again, this is just that my brain rhythm is telling me I’m meant to be hungry rather than just being hungry.

The question (which I don’t know the answer to) is how to get away from this while still in the same situation. So I know I can be distracted from hunger – but how do I stop the clock without distraction?

Is the key to those who are trying to lose weight and struggling because of snacking this exact thing? It’s not that they’re hungry and need a snack, it’s that their body is telling them it’s TIME to eat – so they snack.

Just a thought….

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