Gluten sensitive?

I know this is an odd fashion thing nowadays, to claim you’re gluten intolerant and then start quizzing waiters and waitresses for gluten free food from then on – but I’m wondering whether I need to join this bandwagon!!

Last night, with Julie out for dinner, I had a pizza party with the kids – which meant eating a big pizza. Today, I felt awful. Bloated, with what can politely be described as an unhappy gut!

If you look back at the posts after a weekend since I’ve run this blog (only a few weeks as of right now) you’ll see that I really suffer at the weekend when it comes to energy and how I feel. I’ve been blaming this on alcohol – but I now wonder whether there’s something to look into when it comes to diet too. I’m only ever like this at the weekend – and I only ever eat bread / pizza / white pasta at the weekend. (Of course, I also only drink, have any sugar, cheese, dairy at the weekend too!)

The easiest way to look into this is to get tested – the second easiest it to experiment. Drink loads, eat clean. How am I the next day? Eat pizza, drink water – what’s tomorrow like?

I could probably do with looking into this – it may prove to be one of the missing keys in my performance. I plan to stop drinking to excess anyway, as I know that’s not good in many, many ways. I can deal with that, I have before, it’s just a case of not having booze in the house!

Dairy is easy too. Lacto-free milk, and no cheese.

But if I AM gluten sensitive, that’s going to mean a massive overhaul of the entire family’s diet! So finger’s crossed…

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