Good or bad #indoorrowing habits?

By now, I’ve written a lot about my search to try to get the best technique. Not just because I am a tekkers bore, but also because it’s easy to see the change in pace when something different happens technique wise.

Relax shoulders at the catch – 1 second drop. Don’t lift heels – 1 second drop. Don’t pause at the catch – 1 second drop. Straight(ish) powerful back at the catch and finish – 1 second drop. A bit more compression at the front (but not from arching the back and curling in) 1 second drop.

All these things can make a huge difference. Pootling along at 2:00 suddenly becomes speeding along at 1:55 just from some slight alterations. Albeit, there’s so much to think about from just those 5 above, that it slips.

The question though, is in a search for speed through technique, do I fool myself? Is my “more compression” bad? If I want to keep heels down and not curl my back, then only way to do it is open my knees out slightly. Probably due to poor flexibility in my shins. Is this a bad thing? Or is the speed increase ok, and I’m actually not doing any harm? It certainly lets me drive more through my legs while maintaining a forward lean – and this one action helps me achieve all 5 tweaks above – so that’s a good thing surely??

Last Friday I tried to hit the CTC hard. But after a week of heavy training through a bit of a weird feeling in my body; I totally shut down halfway through – and quickly succumbed to a chesty cold thing. Not nice.

A few days off, and then a nasty 4min TT for the IRL on Monday. Terrible result – but as I aborted it twice due to an inability to breathe, I was pleased that my “3 easy minutes then one hard” approach got me even to 1175!!

Good to see I could get that fast at 32spm too. If only I could string 6 or 7 of them together!

Anyway, this cold then heralded a simpler week. All week I’ve just done foundation building 30’s. nothing special, just focusing on technique and trying to carve in the stroke that gets me quicker.

When I get it right – and importantly not at full pressure but one that’s manageably tough through 30 mins – I’m around 1:57. Still slower than this time 18 months ago, but that’s ok.

Interestingly, I’ve been doing all of this at 145df. When I was finished last night, I dropped it to 130 and hit 10 strokes. I was down at 1:55. So, I thought maybe I’m fooling myself at 145.

Raised it back up to 145. And found myself at 1:55 again. The fresh legs approach. A couple of minutes rest being enough to give me a spurt of speed. But it would have been very easy to assume it was the drop in DF that did it.

Always searching for a simple reason why I’m not as fast as I dream I am!!

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