Hitting the @concept2 technique sweet spot…

Sometimes, you hit the sweet spot – and you go fast, and it feels good. I want to make sometimes all the time!!

The downside is, the difference between the sweet-spot and the ‘norm’ is just a tiny tweak in technique. But it’s a tiny tweak which not only means a drop of at least 1sec per split, but also – amazingly – it feels easier!!

Actually, the real downside is that I can’t always get there. Yesterday, I tried a soft attempt at this month’s CTC – a nasty ladder – 250/1 rest 500/2rest 750/3rest 1000/4 rest – and back down with the same rests.

The first couple of intervals weren’t bad – but the 750 killed me. The 1000 was ok – but the next 750 killed me again!! I held it well for the 500 – but the interesting thing was that I ‘unloaded’ on the last 250 – down to 1:35 for the splits – and felt amazing!!!

What was the difference? To be honest – I don’t know. I know I was putting in full power into the strokes – hence the quicker splits. But that’s not what I’m interested in – it’s the fact it felt so natural. Almost to a point that I could easily see me doing that for 2k!! (Don’t quote me on that though!).

The only way I can describe it to myself is that I was loading up my back. If you read enough about technique, you’ll see a lot about not ‘breaking your back’ (swinging back) too quickly – drive with the legs – then backswing, then arms. There are different levels of getting this right, and the only thing I can think – is that when I get this ‘sweet-spot’ I’m getting it right.

But I don’t know how I do it. I don’t know what the trigger is, what to focus on, how to replicate – all I know is that when I get it right, I know I’ve got it. THIS is the key to my goals. If I can get this drilled into me – I may be able to hit my ridiculous goals.

So what am I doing about it? Well, I’m going against what I’m told. Most training plans are based on your current 2k time + whatever will push – but I’ve started to do some at 2Kgoal. So where my 2K PB is 1:39.5 – some sessions I set to 1:37.5  – for instance, tonight I did a 30min row at r20. Traditionally, I’d be told to do this at 2K+17/18 as part of a training plan (which would be 1:56/57 for me) – but with 2Kgoal – this was 1:54.5 – no wriggle.

The key – is that this isn’t part of a structured plan. This is off piste – extra curricular, and certainly not sustainable. But to be honest, this 30min row was not the norm. The plan is to do this with segmented 2K intervals (250/500/750/1000) – so I’d do 8 x 250m at 1:37.5 with 45 sec rest, then when that’s feeling ok – 4 x 500m with 1:30  rest, then 3 x 750 with 2:20 rest, and finally 2 x 1000 with 3:00 rest – all of these at 1:37.5

But the other key, is that for a lot of this, I’m trying to reduce my rate (for the time being) to 30spm. The rhythm feels better right now, and I’m figuring the extra power I need to be able to explode 1:37.5 will be amazing at 32spm!!

I’ll let you know…



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