Hydration is kinda important.

The past few weeks have been a solid bank of training. Alternating Sam’s plan with a variety of technique drills, sprints (this month’s CTC is a 200m sprint) and 2k prep (the following is a screenshot from a 12×250/1 at 2k or better pace – happy with how this turned out).

It’s been offset slightly by the normal push to the end of the current TV programme I’m editing. Less lunch sessions, and a few enforced complete rest days. But all in all, apart from a few off days, it’s been pretty consistent. I wouldn’t say I feel I’m getting faster, but hopefully I’m not getting slower

Unless sessions like last night’s are anything to go by. 3x 2k at 2k+8 pace. On paper, this should have been really hard, but manageable. But I realised quite early on in the first interval that it was going to be harder than it should be.

Be it because I did two hard sessions on Friday, or because I only had 5 hours sleep, or because I had too much wine on Friday night – it wasn’t pretty. The second interval was a rough one to get through. But the last was awful. 500m in it all came to a stop and I had to take 20 seconds to recover and breathe.

And then limped home at around 1:50 pace. Flailing at the handle for the last 200m or so. The only thing I can compare it to is “bonking” on the bike. All power and energy it’s dumped on me.

Looking back at the day though, I really think the biggest kicker was that I’d had so little to drink. Maybe four cups of coffee from when I woke up at 0730 to I sat down to row at 1730. And I think the energy dump can probably be explained by dehydration. Yes I was drinking between intervals, but I think that was too late.

So from an already dehydrated point (hot night, too much wine) I never recovered and then asked my body to row hard. My body said no!

Drink up people!

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