I need an #indoorrowing rowing buddy…

It seems I’m struggling with motivation to try.
It used to be that the desire to win was enough. Then it became the desire to not get beaten. But after a year of injury and illness keeping me locked in a comfort zone, I’m feeling it tough to push hard again.
(Some of you have heard this song from me already this week!)
I train on my own. The plan I’m on is amazing for sure. The challenges I do are tough (as we all know). But I seem to have lost the direct competition that has driven me in the past. Something that training side by side with someone would provide – but that I don’t have (as I only know one other person in Glasgow who kicks the machine as hard as I do (or want to) and schedules never work anyway.
So I was thinking – why not just find someone online. Like a lonely hearts online dating!

“6:37 capable man who’s wallowing nearer the 7:00 mark desperately seeking a return to form – looking for a buddy at the same speed to motivate him towards success again. Sense of humour not necessary but a motivated and dedicated streak essential”.

Someone who I can spar with for the various challenges in a month, and the odd training session too. I’m figuring with the right motivation to push, I’m back to being a 6:45 guy right now – so the question is, who fits the bill?

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2 Thoughts to “I need an #indoorrowing rowing buddy…”

  1. Jade Merrett

    Hey John, how did you go with that buddy? Did you find someone to work with/against etc?

    1. johntherower

      Hey Jade! Eh, it never really worked. I think I need a real-life friend. But who has time for that??!? Been so busy trying to recover from injury, and trying to re-gain my row-jo right now anyway. Hope you’re doing well.

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