I’m a rollercoaster. Round 2 today was a hellava lot better. #nothingbeatsme

Previously on the West Wing…

Well, in the garage – I had a bad time of it this afternoon. Tried to do 3/4 of a 2K at race pace, and failed miserably. (Check out my previous post for full gory details)

img_1939Well I wanted to go back in this evening and try to salvage something from a bad day. So decided to do 6K at 250 hard 250 soft – targets 1:39 hard and 2:21 soft. You can see by the splits exactly when I realised that crucially I wasn’t using my arms!! I’d hang on for the drive, but then wouldn’t finish the stroke with my arms.

Dropping to 1:36 first, then 1:34 – it was a revelation.

So. What do I do now. My plan is to continue with Sam’s plan – but have the second session of the day as sprints which break down the 2K into bits. And if I can concentrate on what I’m doing with my lazy arms, hopefully it’ll come together.

My rowing is manic/depressive isn’t it!! It’s a rollercoaster ride being me.

#NOTHINGBEATSME – Not even me.


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