In and out of the New Year with a new set of arms

Rabbit arms

You know what, there’s no point in me starting the title of these posts with the date. You know what day it is, you probably don’t care what day I’m waffling about – and if anyone does want to look back at this as a memoirs of how I achieved my goal (or went mad and sat rocking in a corner) then you can look at the date published. And let’s face it, WordPress posts all this in an archive in order anyway…

So waffle it is…

In Scotland, we call the 31st of December Hogmanay. It means let’s get drunk, dance and get no sleep.

No it doesn’t.

There are so many dialect variations which could lead to the creation of the word, that I’ve probably spent more than enough battery power writing about it as even if I tried to explain, people who really know their stuff would tut at my ignorance. No matter what it means, it is the turning point – from the end of one year to the start of the next. The next day we eat a steak pie, and get drunk again. This is why the 2nd of January is a Bank Holiday in Scotland, so we can have an extra hangover day.

For me, yesterday was a changeover of my technique. I hope.

After comments of ‘Rabbit arms’ came off the back of my 500m video, yesterday was, as promised, a slower, more contemplative row. (Crikey, that was a lot of commas for one sentence!). I set the mirrors in my garage up so I could see what my arms were doing, and then spent 1000m warm up trying to work on the stroke’s feel – and then 5000m alternating 100m/100m with a 1:55 20spm effort and 1:49 29spm effort. Just so I could get the feel at slower and faster rates.

I think I was getting the hang of it. But as I tired, I got sloppy, so stopped at 5k and cooked Spaghetti before having drinks with friends. Very nice.

Today (the 1st) I went back into the same thought. 5K Fletcher warm up – then 5k alternating 400m at 1:53 with 100m at 1:38. All the time trying to concentrate on keeping my fore-arms straight, and not turning into Thumper.

As this month’s CTC is a 5K straight-up row, it gave me a chance to submit a time (18:11.0) which, though slower than my last effort, will do for now.

I can certainly feel the difference, and I think I can recognise the improvement in the splits too – but I’ll have to wait for it to become proper muscle memory before I can relax into the stroke again.

Not too sure about tomorrow’s training. Will see what inspires me…

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