website with news and info about everything #indoorrowing – re-designed and improved

Why am I telling you this? Because it’s me. I’m the Wizard of Oz who is behind the curtain that is

Wait, I think I’m building my part a bit here. The website in its previous form wasn’t the Wizard of Oz. It was more of a crappy student film that was shot on old VHS cameras rather than a classic movie!!

I ended up only really updating the info about the online #indoorrowing challenges each month, and didn’t update news/race calendars etc as it was such a pain in the backside to do in an HTML editor. But, I’ve re-designed it to make it much simpler quicker and easier to update it – and hopefully this means it’ll get more traction as a place to visit when you’re looking for any news about IndoorRowing.

If you like it, please get in touch – and it would be great to get some likes on Twitter (@indoorrowing) and on Facebook ( to try to help spread the word.

If this works, I’m hoping something I have in the background will be able to take off. Something that will help all of the IndoorRowing community.

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