It’s best to keep your mouth shut sometimes

Between work and a strange twang in my neck – I decided against another sprint interval session and went for a 1:51-1:50 paced 6K instead. Finished at 22:09 – which isn’t bad. I didn’t want to push, so I’m happy that 1:50 is my ‘easy’ pace nowadays!

Best part were the fellow ergers (strangers on the C2’s next to me). One of them kept on saying how much they loved rowing, and they do it because they want to build strong arms. But looking at their technique, that was never going to happen (I doubt the arms were doing much at all)

But it brought home to me just how easy it is to judge others, and how little it matters. They enjoyed it, they were getting fitter, and if I’d have stopped to explain ‘proper’ technique – at best, I’d have interrupted their workout – at worst, and most likely – I’d have come across a complete dick.

Besides, as I keep saying, my technique isn’t exactly spot on!!

Hopefully back to normal tomorrow – will need to beg for a lunch break to get to the gym, but hopefully I’ll get to do something, as I think it’ll be a late finish.

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