Less whining, more sucking it up. 

Boston is quite alarmingly only 3 weeks away. 

English champs are more alarmingly only 2 weeks away.

I am a wee bit off being a lightweight too. Weighed myself this morning (post-pee) and I was 76kg 

I’m not ‘too’ concerned about the weight thing. I’ve been eating more than usual as I’ve been training hard and doing weights, with a view to adding a little muscle and not starving my body. 

For the next couple of weeks it’s back to the strict stuff.  

  • 1 X gallon of cold water a day
  • Track calories and keep at the right equilibrium. 
  • Check my weight after a week. If it looks good, and I’m not knackered, keep at it.  If I’m not losing enough, look at calorie deficit. 

Training wise, I’ll continue with Sam’s plan, with the other session of the day being variations on this month’s CTC (4min on 4 min off x 4) or breaking the 2k down into 250/500/1000 components and racing them with rests. 

Evenings I’ll continue with weights – especially as I’m adding in a lot of hip and hamstring flexibility work. 

As to how training itself is going, it’s all down to mindset. The beginning of the week was awful. Meant to start one of the sessions with 1250m at 2k pace, but I had to back off to 2k+4 at one point as I couldn’t breathe. But then, Wednesday’s session was 6x500m at 2k pace and I managed to go quicker in nearly all the intervals. 

One thing though is that I’m aware how doubling up on days is harming my output. Yesterday was meant to be a 2k test – but it fell apart. 

I was ok for the first 500, but the next 250 started to hurt and I was finding it hard to breathe again. Being realistic, I knew it was because I was tired from so much training. So I turned it into a 750+750+500 session

I rested for about 60seconds after the first 750 then did another one at 2k pace. Then rested for a minute. Then tried to finish off the 500m at 2k – but ending up stopping 200m in as I’d turned to jelly! 30 seconds recovery and I could finish it off. 

All in all, a pathetic attempt at a 2k from me – (sorry the photo is blurry – the two good splits show 1:38.8) but I’m still hopeful that the 750’s on tired legs show I should be ok for a full whack at the 2k 

Editing football all weekend, which means I have no option of rowing until tomorrow (Sunday) evening. As long as I get finished in time, the plan is to try the 2k on much fresher (and less excuses if it goes wrong) legs. 

I will fight the demons. They may bare their teeth – but the won’t end me this time. 

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