Manchester bound for EIRC in January

The fees are paid, the entry form is in the post, and the hotel is booked (in hopefully a quieter room than last year!)

All that’s needed now is the training!

Last year’s English Indoor Rowing Championships were the most painful ones of the year for me. Probably because it was the last one of my indoor season, but definitely because from November through to March, I kept angering my ribs and intercostal muscles – which meant I couldn’t train to proper 2k fitness.

I still remember the hotel I stayed in when I was in Boston for the Crash-B’s had a ‘massage’ soap bar – a bar of soap with bumps all over it – I went through one a day trying to massage my muscles into a happy enough state to be able to row at the competition. I managed it, but then the very next day, everything went ‘twang!’ – and this was only 4 weeks before the EIRC’s in Manchester. So I had to sit on my hands for 2 weeks, hoping I’d heal enough to be able to train – then had one week trying to get to speed, and one week where I tried to taper off in time for the competition, but was probably still over-doing the training, trying to get performance up. A dark time in terms of my energy, pain and mental strength!

The end result at EIRC was 6:44 – which I still got a silver medal for, but it was the most painful and destructive for my body (and my mind!) I spent a good half hour just lying on the Manchester Velodrome floor afterwards!! I remember one nice woman popping over to see that I was ok – which I was, but I’d put all my energy into it, and just had to lie there until some came back! I think I mustered up enough energy to buy a HotDog and a T-shirt, then slumped to the floor again!!

So buoyed by the 6:44 I did a couple of weeks ago the day after doing a 6:47 the day before, I’ve entered the EIRC’s for the 40-49 Lightweight 2k – and hopefully I’ll not end up in the same state as last year!!

In the meantime, I’m concentrating on 30’s/60’s/ and some intervals – hopefully that’ll translate well to the fitness and power I need for the 2k, and then it’ll just be down to some fine-tuning in order to get my time under 6:40. I guess I should have a test two weeks before the EIRC, just to see how I’ll fare…



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