Not my best weekend

Again, it’s a matter of perspective I guess. Maybe I’m just the type that always wants to push myself.

Yesterday, I did a pretty tough 10K. 3k warm up, 2K technique – then 4K of 100/100 sprints with 1K of technique work at the end. And after the sprints, I was worn out suitably. That capped off 6 days straight on the erg.

So what do I feel like I’m cheating today? I finally had a rest day – enforced as I’ve been working this weekend editing Scottish Cup football.

Which is part of the issue. I was a good boy yesterday until dinner time – when they bought us burgers and chips. Yum. But breaking my rules.

Then today, I had a chicken sandwich for lunch (remember, I don’t eat much bread) and then – wait for it – and ENTIRE Domino’s Cajun Chicken pizza for dinner!

I mean, it tasted great, but the regret is a bit sour! Just a case of hand-to-mouth mindless munching while i was working. Bad John.

Bad bad John.

But this does mark the end of my ‘Ease off’ week. As of tomorrow, the temple is open again.

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