Nothing left to do before ‘BRIC’ing it on Saturday for the @BritishRowing Indoor Championships.

The @BritishRowing Indoor Championships take place on Saturday in London. If you’re around, I recommend going for a watch. Don’t come to watch me – that wouldn’t be fun – especially as I’m racing at 09:55 – but go to watch all the bigger, better people rowing 2K in the middle of the Lee Valley Velodrome.

(No. They don’t flood it. It’s all done on Concept2’s – but I’m assuming you already know this. Why the heck else would you be reading my blog if you didn’t? (Unless you’re my Mum))

Training has been going ok I think. I’ve had a couple of weeks between edits, giving me time to concentrate on getting some serious meters in. Last week was a tough week, averaging 18k a day between Sam’s plans and lower rate 30 minute RowPro sessions. In fact I could get used to this. Anyone have any ideas how I could give up the TV job and get paid to stay at home and row? I’m even enjoying the domestic side of it. Housework / shopping / kids drop offs etc can easily fill up a day. I could do this!! Just a matter of finding the equivalent money I guess… Hmmm. That’s a no then.

Anyway, I’m getting distracted. Lottery win? No.


This week has been a bit more focussed. Less distance, more intense. Sam’s plan is setting me up well – and hopefully it’ll give me not only the strength, but also the confidence to hold as close to 1:39 as possible on Saturday.

img_1984If today’s session is anything to go by, I may ‘just’ be able to do that. There might be a dip in the middle, but hopefully a sprint at the end will mean I won’t lose too much time. I’m sure there’s a cleverer way to do the 6 x 500/1 min rest sessions – pacing them around dips and peaks like a 2K – but I just started with the intention of holding 1:39 for all 6. A little squeaky for a couple of them, but all in all very pleased with this.

Tomorrow is a complete rest (which means I’m laying flooring in the loft), and Friday is an easy row ahead of flying to the Big Londinium Smokey for the big race on Saturday. So that’s the training dealt with.

img_1985My bigger worry is making sure I make weight. The scare I had at the Devon Indoor Champs can not be repeated! I weighed myself yesterday and was 75.5 – 500g over the limit. But hopefully with more sensible eating (curbing my protein bar and nut addiction) and drinking litres of water I’ll be ok on Saturday morning. Training just before lunch at home really helps – it stops me snacking before dinner, especially if I fill up on Salad. (Today’s lunch pictured… because it looked pretty).

Another irk is what time I have to get to Lee Valley for. With an 09:55 start time, I really want to weight in for 07:55 – which means getting there for at least 07:30 due to expected large queues for registration. Which working it backwards, means getting up around 06:30. And with my concerns about weight, I won’t have any coffee etc to help wake me up. I should probably take some ProPlus with me…

So to Saturday – good luck to everyone else racing that day. Who knows how I’ll finish. But at least there’s no pressure to win, as Tim’s racing – which means I can relax and just race myself.


Deamau5 ‘Hi Friend’ will be my inspiration during warm.

“All systems go out on the floor
This is what you came here for”

#nothingbeatsme (people may beat me, but no thing beats me)

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