@Powerbreathe – My new ‘toy’.

So today is a rest day. But today was also the day I received my PowerBreathe. Which means that as much as I’ve made sure not to do anything energetic, I’ve been working my lungs hard.

I’m hoping that this will be one of the ‘unseen’ gains that I can address in my bid to break this world record. There’s probably around 10 months to go now – and although I know I’m stronger and faster since the race in November that kick-started all of this, I don’t think that will immediately translate to a faster time in the 1k.

If I’m lucky, I may have got it down to around 3:08 – but I’ve been careful NOT to do a 1k test yet – as there’s a lot to work on and I don’t want to de-motivate myself after a poor showing in a test.

Once I’m happy with technique / strength / injuries etc, I will – but not yet. And part of the ‘etc’ is this PowerBreathe. It trains the muscles in the lungs to be more efficient in the act of breathing, which will hopefully translate into more oxygen for my lungs to feed my legs as they burn up on the erg.

It’s a shame I didn’t get this a few weeks back, as I have the EIRC next weekend, and the results of the PowerBreathe won’t be as effective as they could be. But I’ll still be sure to spend the week coming breathing with this thing, and hopefully it’ll still make some difference to my breathing.

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