Putting my back into it! Changing the stroke…

A few posts (weeks) ago, I posted a video on the Concept2 Facebook hub, asking for advice about my technique. What I expected is what people said – that I’m swinging my back back too quickly.

So I promised myself that after the 5K in Devon, I’d start to really work on it. I’ve been doing some ‘legs only’ strokes in prep for this, but I didn’t want to break my stroke down before the 5K and then do poorly!

In addition to this thought, I picked up a chest infection while away at the 5K last week. This has meant some very low-key sessions on the erg (which is why I’ve not posted much) but has given me the chance to slow down and concentrate on trying to fix my stroke.

image1It feels weird to be honest – waiting before lurching backwards – but when I get it right it’s really noticeable how much more power I’m generating. Last night for instance, after a 3K warm up, I tried doing 4K at 20spm focussing on this as much as possible. I had my camera on so I could see what it looked like, to help visualise. And I think it went very well! The aim was to hit 4K at 15:00 – and I hit it at 14:57. I’ll take that!

screen-shot-2016-09-23-at-18-55-25Then today, for my lunchtime session I went for a 1K warm up, then 3 x 2K / 1min (it’s 2K friday after all!) – intending to do the first at 22 spm and 1:54 – the second at 24spm and 1:50 and the last at 26spm and 1:47

Sure, I’m still having the odd slip from a technique point of view, but I can’t be expected to get it 100% right after only a couple of days, now can I? I’m still working on the feeling got what feels right. It’s tougher when I’m at the gym as I don’t have a mirror (or camera) to show me what my technique looks like. It’s one thing to think you’re getting it right, but it’s an entirely different matter to see how you’re doing!

Still, this is the plan for all rows coming up. It sure takes more of a toll on my legs that the way I normally row (I may have to start experimenting with DF again, just to make sure 165 is still right for me with this altered technique.

Over the weekend I’ll be sure to row with the camera on, make sure I don’t get lazy when I get tired!

But it feels good, and more importantly, it feels fast! If I can string the power, the technique and stroke rate together, this could be what unlocks a new chapter in my goals to go faster.

With this in mind, I’m signing back up to Sam’s plan from next week. I need to focus, and his plans give me focus.



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