Rate up – go fast – easy really. 

East apart from the actual effort you need to put in. But it’s not just about 20 second sprints. 

I’ve been doing various versions of either 20 seconds on / 40 off x 15 or 30 seconds on and 60 off x 10 (the latter being this month’s CTC). And although the more I do, the faster I get – it’s having knock on effects on the rest of the my sessions too.

The sprints get me into the pain cave really quickly – which is building fortitude. They demand good technique (especially when I do some of them at 115df) which pays off in the longer sessions) and I’ve certainly noticed overall power (and muscle) improvements, which help on the longer bits. 

The sprint stuff is all for training towards the Coetq event in Rennes, France in June. As part of a team, I’m doing a 100km Row as fast as possible. With ten towers, we’ll rotate 20seconds sprinting with 3 minutes off. 

Sounds easy! Until you figure that we’ll have to do it 100 times each!! 

But the great thing about all thisnsorint training is it’s getting me back to the higher rate sessions (alongiside more standard ones) and getting me back on track for the 1km record

Yeah, that again. I’ve not forgotten about it!! In training, I’m hitting 1:26/1:27 on these sprints – which I’ll never manage without the rests, but I’m hopeful if I keep doing these, I’ll get close enough to 1:30 splits by November. 

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