Rest day – worse than leg day. *actually, I quite like leg day…

Ugh. I guess 11 days straight finally caught up on me. I’m not 18 any more it seems…

A lot of the motivation I have for training is that I have quite a large competitive streak. Sure health/fitness and vanity have a part to play – I don’t want to be fat and unhealthy – but what keeps me on the erg is the competition side of it.

And this doesn’t have to be the Word Indoor Champs, Scottish Champs, British Champs or even going for this World Record – it can also be the CTC or the Lightweights Monthly Ranking Challenge on Facebook or the Concept 2 Monthly Challenge on Facebook.

And, one of the cool things about Free Spirits is that we have a Meterboard which totals up the meters rowed in a Meterboardseason by the team members, and puts them in a leaderboard. Some of the distances rowed are amazing. Right now we’re not even 3 months into the season, and one fella has already rowed 2.7 MILLION meters!!

I’m never going to hit that kind of distance, but I’m currently sitting at 14th – which isn’t too shabby. But the guy right behind me has only got to row 2250m to overtake me. And the guy in front of me is over 150,000m ahead – so I have to knuckle down if I want to claw up another place.

All of these means that it’s really easy to not want to take a rest day. Which explains why I’ve just rowed 11 days straight.

Today, the plan was to go for the Fitness Matters Workout of the Week (1500m x 6 at different stroke rates). I did a warm up of just over 2K, and then started this WOW. But I got 5 strokes into it and knew instantly that the jig was up. Time for a rest.

I just needed to hold 1:55 at 20spm – bread and butter for me, but tonight I had to put in a lot of effort to hit and main it (well, for the five strokes I did!) So as much as I’d promised myself all day long that I’d do this session, even I know when it’s time to put the handle down.

There’ a little more to it though – as we hit the end of the month, I’ve realised I’ve not done the three challenges I mentioned above yet. So I have to do them tomorrow, Saturday and Sunday. As they’re all sprint efforts, and I’ve spent the week doing sprints, I have hopefully made the right choice and I’ll be able to hold it together – and at a good pace.

So the plan is:

  • Friday – CTC
  • Saturday – C2 monthly challenge
  • Sunday – Lightweight Monthly challenge

Which means that I’ll miss another 2K day tomorrow. So far I’ve only done one of them…


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